In my recent ramblings, I have had a number of opportunities to visit model homes, staged homes and homes that were decluttered but not staged. First, when you want to sell your home, declutter. You want prospective buyers to see how much and what kind of space is available. Beyond that however you should be aware of what happens to you when you enter a well staged home and a model home. A model home is staged in such a way as to appeal to 80%-90% of visitors to that model. Many builders spend big dollars employing decorators who are not only have great decorating skill, but who also know how to pull on your emotional intelligence to, sometimes, the detriment of your intellectual intelligence. A model home is not just designed to make you go ohh, ah and oh look shiny, but it designed to get you to spend the most money. After all that cool upgrade is only $2,000 and the builder would love to sell that upgrade to you. But keep in mind that $2,000 upgrade will actually cost you about three times that amount over the 20 period of a loan. Worse yet, you are likely to replace that upgrade with five to seven years and spend more money. Remember the model home’s purpose is to get you to buy and over buy. A well staged home, however, shows you the possibilities of what you could do in a home on your own. A well staged home will give you suggestions on what you might use a room for, what kind of furniture may work, or better yet show you how well your furniture will fit in a room and a house. A well staged home will tug on your emotional intellect, but at the same time it will allow your practical intellect to calculate costs and allow you to use your reasoning abilities to come to a decision.