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Why Use an Austin Realtor - Van Henry Real Estate

Why Use a Realtor?

One of the first questions I encounter is “Why should I use a real estate agent?”.  In this day and age of do it yourself everything, which is a craze brought on by the many popular DIY shows on the airwaves, many think they can go it alone and produce outstanding results.  Reality, however, is usually very different.  The DIYers we see on TV, You Tube, etc are usually highly skilled and experienced people.  They are also supported by solid support staffs behind the scenes.  The real truth is, unless you have an extraordinary amount of time and skill, renovating, buying, or selling a home can quickly overwhelm the DIYer.

As a Realtor (r), my job is to be with you at every step of the buying, or selling process.  I research prices of comparable homes in your chosen area and I monitor those prices on  a daily basis.  This allows me to help you get the best bang for your dollar.  As your buying agent, I represent you throughout the transaction and work to help ensure that the home you are looking out is the absolute best home for you.  As your selling agent, I help you obtain the best price for your home while also marketing your home in many different markets.