Find the right home that will help your family grow and serve as a vehicle to build wealth.


Financially Sound Real Estate Representation

As a Realtor® I provide buyers and sellers real estate representation and investment strategies based on a framework of financial security. I approach the entire process with a philosophy that helps establish and build multi-generational wealth, especially with those with little to no formal understanding. The foundation of my real estate philosophy is ingrained in my ability to guide all of clients through the real estate process with the belief that real estate is both an anchor and vehicle to future financial freedom.

My focus is to help younger and middle-aged clients account for all of the hidden costs and headaches of buying and selling Central Texas real estate, especially anyone new to the Greater Austin area. Together we walk through hidden tax items, property restrictions, area regulations, HOA guidelines, and other tricky real estate hurdles from start to finish. My goal is to educate buyers and sellers, simplify their path, and expedite the entire process in an effort to maximize financial returns and bring in a brighter tomorrow for their families.

Experience, Technology, Wisdom

Today’s real estate market requires wisdom to navigate the process, technology to facilitate the transaction, and the wisdom to make the best financial decisions possible.


Guidance Towards Tomorrow

I help others improve their financial position, provide wealth for their families, and provide guidance in real estate to future generations of Central Texas. I work with clients to help them make the most informed financial decisions possible. I connect buyers, helping them find amazing housing at reasonable prices, with sellers looking to maximize their position. My success is determined by my ability to make both feel empowered and more financially secure.

I use the latest tools in technology like social media listening and predictive intelligence to identify new real estate opportunities. I also utilize my expansive network of high-quality, yet understanding, lenders with similar philosophies.

When I combine these platforms and real estate ideologies with my over 30 years experience as an educator in this area, I am able to guide current residents and those looking to move here with the exact fit for their lifestyle, stage in life, and financial position.


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The latest information about the Central Texas real estate market.

Rent vs Ownership

The average monthly lease on an apartment in Austin passed the $1200 per month rate. There are less expensive apartment in the Austin area, but they generally come with a cost. Convenience, mobil accessibility can present challenges to those seeking to enjoy working in Austin. One question that is often asked

Van Henry

Jul 25,2018

Shiny, Pretty, or Maybe Not So Much

Home buyers are generally picky. Very picky. They should be. The purchase of a home represents one of the largest and most secure means of building wealth and transferring wealth to one’s heirs. Unfortunately home sellers sometimes lose sight of their ultimate goal when selling their home. That means they often

Van Henry

Jun 26,2018

Location, location, location. But...

Everyone has heard how important location is regarding business location, or location for a residence.  Close in neighborhoods offer a degree of convenience that can be an asset.  However more important than location is price.  Just about any home in the Austin area can be sold if the price is right.

Van Henry

May 28,2018

Those damn hogs!

Well pardon the language, but what else can we say in Texas. And what do hogs have to do with anything anyway??? First, Texas, like a number of other states in the country, is being over run by feral hogs. The damage they do to private property and crops totals in

Van Henry

May 26,2018