You just drove through the new subdivision being developed.  Attractive new homes and stunning model homes are available.  You enter the model home and are floored by the style, layout and amenities.   As you walk through the model home you meet the builder’s or developer’s representative.  They are friendly, outgoing and jovial.  They show you several homes under construction, go through the upgrades with you, then ask you if you would like to make a decision right now, or think about it overnight.  Do you notice something was missing.  Reread the third sentence again…………….the person you have met is the builder’s representative.  Notice you have no representation.

The job of the builder’s onsite representative is to get the most money for the builder as possible.  Even offering discounts, the best interest of the builder is always first and foremost.  When you engage your own real estate agent to assist you with the purchase of a new home, you have your own personal representative.  As your representative, also known as the buyer’s agent, my job is to represent you throughout the process.  I may make different suggestions on upgrades, or how to purchase certain upgrades than the builder offers.  I will also known the area and can help you find the best location for you.  Best of all my services are free to you.

Remember, always have a your own real estate agent with you when you are picking out a new home.