Austin Real Estate - Feral Hogs

Those damn hogs!

Well pardon the language, but what else can we say in Texas. And what do hogs have to do with anything anyway??? First, Texas, like a number of other states in the country, is being over run by feral hogs. The damage they do to private property and crops totals in the billions of dollars. So what do hogs have to do with real estate? Well if you live in the city limits, or a rural HOA in Texas, your local governmental laws may limited your ability to protect your property from hogs. Before you move into a community, make sure you have read the covenants and laws of that community. This is especially true if you are looking to move in to a HOA governed community. The commmunity I live in has a hog problem. When we first looked into allowing homeowners shoot hogs, we found that our community restrictions and local county restrictions prevented us from shooting hogs on our own property. The Texas legislature, several years ago thought it was a good idea to make changing HOA covenants much more difficult, but the real consequence is it is now far more difficult to implement some measures to control vermin. Alternatively, we have allowed for electric fencing and we have a hog trapping program that works. Unfortunately, the large number of hogs and their prolific reproduction rate means we are not making much headway on the problem. The bottom line is, make sure you obtain and read your covenants. Where most people run afoul of HOA’s is by not adhering to the printed rules of the community. Those damn hogs cannot read, but you can.