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Purchasing a new home from a developer, or one of the large scale home builders can be an exciting time, but the buyer must always be on guard when negotiating with the company. Many people go to builders without a realtor and run into well designed schemes to get you to spend more money then intended. Taking your realtor with you will afford you a degree of protection that you would not have otherwise, a critical eye watching over every part of the transaction and a voice that will show you where you can save money. Following is a tale from experience. I will not name the builder, but it is one everyone has heard of. My client and I visited the sales center of this company after finding the perfect House for the client. We entered negotiations and immediately found that the home that had been advertised at a $3,000 discount had that discount mysteriously vanish. The company instead offered a discount which my client felt was acceptable. In the meantime looking over the sales sheet, I found the builder had built an additional $5100 dollar profit into the price by over charging for appliances and flooring. The negotiations went several hours and a price was agreed upon. After we left, the client received a call that the office had made a mistake and the price was actually $1,500 higher than was quoted and agreed upon. To say the least this company has received a letter from me stating the facts and questioning the ethics of the company. While we are waiting to hear back from the company, I can only feel we have run into the proverbial “used car“ salesperson. The upside is the client was not cowed into accepting a deal that was not agreed upon. Remember, never, never, never, ever go to a builder, or developer without your own realtor. It can end badly for you and sadly it has ended badly for some who failed to heed the advice.