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I cannot tell you how many times I have walked into a home on the market and remarked how attractive the home was.  Everything was neat and tidy.  The closets were well organized, the baseboards spotless—remember clean your baseboards before we put your home on the market.  But behind that beautiful home was a disclosure form that could make one nervous.

Disclosure forms are part of the real estate process and are required by law.  The first page, or two are standard check boxes of what is in the home.  Fire place, ceiling fans, garage door openers, etc.  Pretty basic stuff.  But later on the form are places where the seller must disclose any issues with the home.  It is very important to be honest and disclose any known issues a home has.  Just because a home has an issue does not mean a purchaser will not go through with the deal.  However, if you do not disclose a known issue, you and your real estate agent could be liable for damages, including actual and punitive damages.

The absolute best thing to do is disclose those issues and also include documentation of repairs already done.  Receipts, invoices, etc will all be helpful.