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Home buyers are generally picky. Very picky. They should be. The purchase of a home represents one of the largest and most secure means of building wealth and transferring wealth to one’s heirs. Unfortunately home sellers sometimes lose sight of their ultimate goal when selling their home. That means they often forget the details. We all probably know that major flaws in a home will detract from the marketability of the home. Worse yet, it will likely not sell for a price that makes the owner happy. But just as important is how well you as a seller have prepared the home. Details, details, details. Those dusty baseboards will send a negative message to your prospective buyer. That gunk in the corners in the bathrooms will send the same message. Details, details, details. Is your home bright and airy? Open the curtains, let the light in. Take down the dark curtains. A buyer can always figure out a way to make a room darker, but walking into a dark home generally is a turn off for a buyer. Details, details, details. Clean up the scuff and wear marks as best you can. Many buyers want a home that is close to move in ready. Details, details, details. Use scentseys or something similar to freshen the home. Hint, those sprays that are well advertised, really do not do the job for more than 5- 10 minutes. Forget about that, or this will last for days advertising. A scentsey like warmer can be placed discreetly in the home and not be terribly obvious. A scented candle, on the other hand is obvious. Freshly baked cookies and bread also will work, unless you burn them right before a showing. Finally, you might consider playing soft light music in the home. As much as I dislike easy listening music, played softly in home does tend to make the home feel more inviting. When you are ready to sell your home, reach out to me so I can help you maximize your profit on your home.